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Christina Lane

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It's time to embrace our Victorious Vision

We are The Lanes

We inspire with passion! You will believe the greatness you possess AND make this world a better place. Not tomorrow, but TODAY!

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We began as high school sweethearts and have been best friends for 26 years and counting. After 15 years of marriage and three children, it’s always been important for us to design a life of purpose where we both could be present in the lives of our children. Our success would not have come as easy without the support of family and for that, we are forever grateful. 

In 2008, entrepreneurship was calling us. Following our intuition, we opened our first barbershop during an economic downturn. As visionaries, it led us to open the second barber college in Oregon, and the first and only Black-owned career school in the state. We know from our life experiences that a well-rounded education is essential to authentic success, and it is not as entirely possible if personal development is not cultivated. We have witnessed the impact of the “Be Great” culture and the influence our programs have made in the lives of our students and barbers. Through our online platform of Be Great University, we are no longer bound by walls and are able to present the same opportunity to anyone ready to break away from a system that seeks to standardize uniquely gifted, and great people. It is our belief that it is the sole responsibility of every human being to take ownership of themselves and be independent thinkers. While living a life of purpose, it's been revealed to us that the simple approach of nurturing and cultivating our authentic self is the key to a planet that thrives. We are excited to share our strategies for success in our Cultivating Greatness program, which is the foundational course for the development of our community.

Our experience of owning and operating Champions Barbering Institute (CBI) has revealed to us that we LOVE our gift of pouring into people and empowering them both personally and professionally. We have discovered that cultivating our authentic selves opens us up to living a life of purpose and joy. We are empowered to change the world in a way that only we can. In other words, by transforming yourself, you transform the world by being the change you wish to see. We believe that all people have the power to curate the content of their lives, and we want to share our strategies of success that continuously assist us in leveling up.

It's time WE RISE and BE GREAT!


The BU Community is 

the Gathering of The Greats

We are a powerhouse community, of big thinkers, dreamers, and executors who never desire to become complacent, we love to push ourselves to new limits and continue to change and evolve so that we leave our mark, a legacy we can be proud of. People often try to hold us back, but something within will never allow us to stop.

We are happily "unrealistic"! We do whatever it is, we set out to do!

 We are extremely excited to create and hold space for "The Greats" to cultivate for the purpose of self-empowerment, advancement, and to massively showcase our reflections of greatness in the communities we serve.

Let's Do This!!

About Be Great University

Be Great University (BGU) aims to provide you with the keys to success that often go overlooked during the pursuit of growth and survival. The small most important things often get overlooked or misunderstood because we deem them "non-essential" as we grind towards our dreams and goals. Sometimes goals are never set to begin with and many grind with no clear vision or mission in place. Often resulting in living an unfulfilled life, which does not sit well with us because we know deep within we are destined for greatness. BGU is here to give you the freedom to fill the gaps. Filling the gaps empower and propel us to design the life of greatness that we already know is ours for the taking. Let's begin designing a life full of purpose and intention. It all begins with Mastering Yourself. Join us in this timeless journey of Self Mastery.

Our Methods Are Actionable Solutions

Get ready to discover more about yourself with

Signature Lifestyle Methods:
* Phases of GRIT
* BINAO mindset
* The GREAT Method

We are excited to witness you 

Be Great!

Being Great Isn't Easy. But We Don't Do Easy.


What Our Students Are Saying

Be Great University created an atmosphere where I was able to connect with people during the prime time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It gave me the ability to change, not only how I work and operate, but also how I view my perception and take steps toward my version of success. I was able to write my book because of the accountability I received via the group. The Lanes have created a step by step process on how to find your inner purpose through growth and development. -Dylan, Cultivating Greatness Participant

The Lanes didn't just open a hair school, they opened a great school. They wanted to be great.  And I think like I always have, but I didn't really put a finger on exactly what it was I was doing in this world until I spent my year at Champions Barbering Institute, and getting to have this incubator situation where I really started to hone the craft of recognizing greatness, it was what I was doing. I didn't realize it until probably about a month ago, this is powerful. -Micheal, Champions Barbering Institute (CBI) Graduate

My journey started when I went into Mrs. Lane's office, I was like, I'm thinking about doing this barbering thing. The only problem is I have no idea how to cut hair. And really I just want to change communities and that's all I wanted. I mostly desired to walk alongside men as we learned together what it means to be dads, husbands, brothers, co-workers, and friends. And, her answer to that was cool, we'll teach you how to cut hair. We want people who want to change communities. And that's how it all started. And that's what they did at CBI. Jeremiah, Champions Barbering Institute Graduate

My life has changed drastically, this last year I almost lost who I was within, I was doing nothing with my life. They're teaching me how to be a barber, how to work with people, and just be the best I can be. Everyday, I walk out of the school, I'm happy, I'm excited, and I'm filled with joy.  -Christian, Current CBI Student

Life has confirmed that if we are not connected to ourselves, we will never truly live.  

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